MR UK FRIDGE (115 Liters): Fast Cooling, Long-Lasting Freshness, and Energy Effi
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Key Features:

  • Extremely Low Energy Consumption: This fridge is designed for energy efficiency, helping you save on electricity bills.

  • Rapid Cooling: It cools quickly, ensuring your food and beverages stay fresh.

  • Extended Cooling Duration: Even during power outages, it maintains cold temperatures for an extended period.

  • No Leakage When Power Fails: You won't experience water leakage when the power goes out, preserving your contents.

  • 115-Liter Capacity: With a 115-liter capacity, it's ideal for your storage needs.

  • Quick Freezing Top Compartment: The top compartment serves as a freezer, rapidly freezing items.

  • Bottom Compartment for Cooling: The bottom section functions as a fridge, keeping your food cool.

  • 1-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty for your fridge.

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